A bad word whispered will echo a hundred miles

A bad word whispered will echo a hundred miles

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    1. amazing saying..

    2. On your opening page for Chinese Proverbs the following 1st sentence is: Welcome to the largest Chinese proverbs colection.Please note that “collection” is spelled incorrectly. Thank for the site, it is a nice addition to my collection of quotation resources.

    3. yes, but where are the chinese sentences? did they “forget” to write them? do you know a good site that has the original sentences as well as quality translations?


    4. The Chinese sentence (chengyu or Yanyu) is missing, what a pity, as I’d really like to know them in chinese too.
      And yes collection
      Thank you and 加油!

    5. hi hi im a dragon

    6. Very good site but would be better if there is the original chinese text as well .I’ve bookmarked this site.

    7. The original Chinese may be 好事不出门,恶事行千里

    8. @easy9918 THANK YOU 🙂

    9. Thank you! This ia a good chinese quote ! Im looking this up for something at school and im so glad i found it its easy! Thank you again


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